advertising using webcam technology

A few weeks back I tweeted an article about how Amscreen technology is now being used to help with personalised advertising on petrol stations, a great idea for marketers but well perhaps a little too intrusive for many consumers, I'm sure we all have an opinion with that one! Earlier today I … [Read more...]

finding your identity online

When you've been online a while, and speaking as a one man band myself (which perhaps many of you are,)I have noticed you slowly start to become a little more chilled about things, your attitudes change, you become less self obsessed, ie,  it becomes less about take... more about give, less about … [Read more...]

genesis missing in wordpress

Well finally I have invested in the genesis framework and I certainly have no regrets, getting this theme is something I have been wanting to do for a while, since thesis 2 has been released I have been persevering trying to adjust to the changes, but I'm sorry to say, like many other thesis users, … [Read more...]

blogging with the WordPress app

It has been a while since I have written a fresh post for this site... I've been suffering a little from procrastination (ugh).... finding it difficult to focus on writing quality content, maybe you too are suffering from the same when it comes to writing fresh quality content for your blog? If … [Read more...]

My favourite thesis theme

When I first started using wordpress a few years back naturally  I found myself spoilt for choice with the available themes on the market, initially I tried a few of the free themes available, twenty ten in particular, however it soon became apparent that I needed to invest in a premium theme which … [Read more...]

about the amateur author

As per usual I try to spread myself too thinly, I set myself a task about six weeks ago to not only get a new book published using Lulu (print to promote locally and via the lulu website) but also publish it via KDP - Kindle direct publishing, and online via my new sales page. However, I did it. … [Read more...]

social media madness

Have you noticed how things are changing online lately?...I have, and it's tough to keep track of it all. Social media, self publishing, google changes, local search,mobile, feeding your blog, etc etc.... It's difficult to prioritize isn't it?.because there are so many distractions online, and … [Read more...]

Kindle Kash review

I have just completed reading the Kindle Kash course produced by Nick Daws.   I rarely promote promote products via this site unless I have bought them myself, and although I had heard only positive things from the kindle kash course I still needed to find out for myself how useful this … [Read more...]

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