What is a bloggeret

Every once in a while I have crazy ideas, those who know me will understand what I mean. Well I have had another one, and I am about to tell you what this is. Trust me you'll love it.... As a marketer I am always looking for ways to get my pages ranked in Google, and lots of traffic to my sites. … [Read more...]

Relevance key for marketing

I have been re-organizing my sites lately and I will tell you why. As we all know relevance is key with marketing, well that is what I ultimately strive for, sometimes successfully, other times not!   and it is clear to me since I started out, and having recently learnt some mobile marketing … [Read more...]

creative marketing idea

Now I am no social media expert...in fact far from it, It is something admittedly I have put on the back boiler..crazy I know but I as we all know in this game, it's about prioritizing!...but social media is highly relevant today and something I for one will start to put it on the top of my to do … [Read more...]

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