What is a bloggeret

Every once in a while I have crazy ideas, those who know me will understand what I mean. Well I have had another one, and I am about to tell you what this is. Trust me you'll love it.... As a marketer I am always looking for ways to get my pages ranked in Google, and lots of traffic to my sites. … [Read more...]

write like you talk

I am going to be totally honest with you. Lately I have had a big problem, in fact so much so it has prevented me from "getting on" and really knuckling down with my work. Talk about Frustrating! I had this problem before but not for this long! You see as you are probably well aware, having an … [Read more...]

Copyright. The importance of it.

Thank you for visiting my Copyright post. Firstly I would like to say all my site content is Copyright Protected. Why the importance ? In the World today, we have those who give and those who take and not forgetting the variables in between. We have Extreme thieves who steal, we also … [Read more...]

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