Niche Books

Thinking about writing and publishing your first book ?

Who hasn't?…. but thinking about it and actually doing it, well that's another story.

It sounds easy doesn't it, but like everything, when you start doing a little research you soon realize there is a little more to it…

What niche book  / topic do I write about?

Will my book sell?

Do I really have time to write a book?

Do I write an E book, an audio book, print, kindle, etc

These are all questions you will need to ask yourself, but did you know that many books don't get found, yet alone sell.

Of course we all hear wonderful inspirational  successful stories and it's very easy to assume that it shouldn't be that difficult.

But best sellers are few and far between and self publishing success stories like Angela Locking are rare!

But do we ever stop to wonder what makes a successful book?

and do we ever stop to wonder what makes a successful blog?

We should do, because they are pretty much the same.

They both have written content which people want to read. (the successful ones do anyway)

Now I am not claiming to be a successful author or anything like that but from many years of trying to get an online presence I totally understand the importance of identifying your own niche and trust me, it's an easy mistake to make because it is easy to underestimate just how much content is currently online, the truth is you really need to demonstrate to your readers that you are worth their time.

You need to address specific needs of your readers and over deliver and that takes hard work and commitment.

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