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Did you know Self Publishing your own book has never been easier.

Are you an amateur author looking to self publish your own book?

In case you hadn't heard The publishing world has changed dramatically and publishing your own book is something now anyone can do!..including very ordinary people…amateur authors just like you and me!

Yes, literally anyone can now write a book, without approval from major publishing houses!Not so long back Publishing your own book was once only available for famous people or successful authors (authors who had been lucky enough to have had their book agreed by the publishing houses)…………….Until now that is!!!…..

That is no longer the case, not so long back that the whole concept of ordinary people writing their own book seemed totally absurd but the internet and new technology means that publishing has now become a level playing field. Nowadays You can very easily publish your own book which can be sold using various platforms online.

Equal opportunities for ordinary people.

If you are a naturally creative person or perhaps have a good story to tell, tell it. If you are knowledgeable on a certain subject then why not share it, or if you have achieved something extraordinary in your life then why not produce a short autobiography, if you have opinions on a subject, then why not write about those opinions.

I have used  the self publishing print on demand platform Createspace, (Amazon company) a trusted well known site which offers plenty of opportunities and helpful tutorials to help you from start to finish. (including some help with marketing your book!)

This is a passionate industry and self publishing can be a controversial subject with many more traditional authors, but equal opportunities both online and offline are great, after all it is these “equal opportunities” which help to create young entrepreneurs such as angela locking. At 26 years of age she spotted an opportunity to get her books published using the self publishing route.

She is yet another huge success story and I for one hope there are more to come.

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Why not write your own ebook and sell it via the Kindle platform!..

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