The Wealthy Affiliate University -(The A-Z of Internet Marketing)

Suitable For Novice – Expert

The  Wealthy Affiliate University will teach you all there is to know about all aspects of Internet Marketing.

You will be given modules and tasks to complete, and will be creating your online business whilst you learn, however this course is also suitable for struggling  and Successful Internet Marketers.

If you are serious about learning internet marketing or simply improving your knowledge and prepared to invest time and money then this is definately the course for you.

Power3 Marketing

Ideal For Novice – Expert

Ideally suitable for those with a little experience with simple website creation, however this course is ideal if you are looking to start a business or using existing skills by helping local business owners get a presence on the internet.

The video tutorials will show you how to create simple websites and demonstrate to potential clients how you can bring them new customers.

This course has been created by two very successful internet marketers, David Bocock and Jennifer Ledbetter (Pot Pie Girl).

Read my review here

Local Mobile Monopoly

New Simple Marketing Strategy for Serious Businesses owners wanting to really understand mobile marketing then this is for you,  OR you maybe someone wanting to launch a new career, then this is a great easy way to learn.

Easy to follow, step by step instructions and video tutorials. Free webinars and ongoing training. I am a member because it is so relevant to marketing today and expected to be huge.

Listen to what Adam has to say in his video!

Fabulous opportunity to learn this rapidly evolving marketing strategy.

learn how to become a local Mobile Marketer in your local area. HOT PRODUCT


Award winning UK company  who have  been recognized as a leader in this field

FREE trial period with free credits. Simple to use control panels and a variety of services to start your mobile marketing campaign.

Online Video tutorials and support staff available.

No1 choice for mobile marketers

If you want to jump straight in now and try mobile marketing for free then this is for you.

(try their free trial now and create your own free mobile websites very easily, plus much more)

still not sure? then read about why I personally think you should!




Fed up with paying for expensive websites?

Then why not build your own wordpress website or blog.

Lisa Irby from has produced a superb guide to help you do this.

She is hugely respected online and this guide is a must for wordpress beginners


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