How hard is it to write a book

Is it easy to write a book? Well in my opinion it depends. Not whether or not you are a good writer, but more about whether or not you know your subject ! When you know your subject, it makes writing one hundred times easier and … [Continue reading]

what makes a great book

Have you ever stopped to wonder what makes a great book. I have, not necessarily because I read a lot of books, I don't ..... I read lots online, however I don't tend to be one of those book worms who always has a book on the go, unless maybe … [Continue reading]

Tesco solution to problem in korea

For those of us who have been thinking of innovative ways to use qrcodes, this is a must read! I love innovative ideas and I have always believed in the innovative ways qrcodes can be used for mobile marketing. I myself have created some … [Continue reading]

Blogging for blogging sake

Do you blog for blogging sake? I used to, and still do at times! I don't know about you but I was always under the impression the more you blog the more visitors, the more sales, the more presence etc etc. Eventually though, you finally … [Continue reading]

Self Publishing For Ordinary People

  Creating blogs is sooo addictive. My latest site is about my journey to publish my own book, the site was originally going to be about poetry blogging but as per usual I had a change of plan! Self publishing is very very relevant today … [Continue reading]

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