mobile marketing

What is mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a strategy used to communicate and engage with an audience via their mobile device.

The MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) and the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) have strict set guidelines now in place to prevent abuse, spamming and aggressive tactics which we have witnessed with internet marketing / advertising.

The MMA are a non profit global organization which not only promote correct procedures and guidelines but also educates organizations involved within this Industry. (ie: wireless operators and service providers, retailers, software supplies etc)

Some terms used for mobile marketing.

1SMS / Text message marketing– short message service, Currently the most popular / effective method to interact with an audience.The marketer sends an offer, message or link to an individual or a group relevant to that offer.

2. MMS – multimedia messaging service, Images, text, video, audio messages sent to a target audience

3. QR codes – (quick response) easily created via various online websites. Simply type your message, link or details to create an image which can be easily scanned with an application such as a mobile phone barcode scanner to reveal the information within the code. (these are very popular in Japan, and originally created there to track auto parts) (visit to create your message)

4. LBS – Location Based Services – services which rely on GPS enabled devices to target an audience within a given location. eg, gowalla, yelp, facebook places, foursquare.

5. opt in / opt out – This allows the receiver of the message to opt out of any future messages. This gives the individual control over what they choose to receive.

6. Security issues and consumer confidence – Understandably there are privacy concerns and security issues with some of these mobile marketing strategies. The vast majority of mobile phones are now GPS enabled which has the potential to reveal your location, however these  services are constantly evolving and improving these security issues. This combined with users themselves becoming more educated and familiar with these services will drastically change how business owners can interact with potential customers near their business.

Some statistics

There are currently 6 billion mobile users worldwide ! people are switching to smart phones / mobile devices on a daily basis.

Google has spent 750 million to acquire the mobile advertising platform ADMOB.

Millions of websites are going mobi

Apple now call themselves a mobile company.

The mobile population is 5 times larger than the internet population

ALL the above suggests that mobile marketing has arrived.  Recent research suggests that this year 44 per cent of businesses plan to take part in some form of mobile advertising campaign.

Did you know that with email marketing only 10 per cent of emails actually get opened ?

With mobile marketing it is essential to be concise, clear and create attention grabbing headlines, most of all the message needs to be relevant to your customer. SMS marketing if not used carefully will be seen as intrusive, an option to unsubscribe to your text alerts must be available for the recipient.


If you are a business owner wishing to take advantage of this very effective marketing strategy, it is wise you have a trial period, perhaps test it with family or friends, before risking it with your customers. These free trials are now available where you have free text credits and can create mobile websites within minutes. These dashboards are very easy to use.

looking for a way to learn mobile marketing

You maybe a business owner, large or small, or maybe an individual looking for the best route to learn new methods of marketing to mobile devices. There are a few really good courses now available which will clearly show you how to do this, the benefits of doing it, how it can actually increase sales or even teach you how to become a local mobile marketer in your area and get paid for being one.

Business owners right now are learning new strategic ways to connect with their customers, and target new potential clients but there will also be many business owners who simply don't have the time to manage their own campaigns and will be looking for others to do it for them. This is where you could step in, its also a great opportunity to start a new business in your local area.

Without doubt an awful lot of money has been made via the Internet. Businesses have profited, entrepreneurs have evolved and many affiliate marketers have earn t a fortune selling other peoples products and services.

With the new trend of mobile marketing it looks like this will be yet another opportunity for many new people trying to secure a piece of the action.

For Small local business owners this is a great opportunity to really connect with your customers as well as generating new ones. Location based services being a classic example of getting people within the vicinity to visit your shop or business.

For individuals learning mobile marketing this could quite possibly be a great opportunity to start perhaps a new career. There are plenty of young technical savvy people around who are looking for ways to make extra money, or even a new career.

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