Love Writing?

So maybe Internet Marketing does not appeal to you. That's fine, it is not for everyone that is for sure. However……

Everyone has an article or book in them!. Everyone has something of interest to write about!

Article writing is actually one of the strategies used by many internet marketers. However anyone can do it…including YOU.

The Internet has many many Article sites where you can quickly sign up and submit your own unique content.

It could be about absolutely anything! and chances are if the subject appeals to you, then it will appeal to someone else and that is another reason the internet is so great, it connects people with similar interests. Your content could be to help solve a problem, it could be a tutorial about how to achieve something, it may be about any subject which you know about, the list is almost endless! so get your thinking cap on.

These sites  are also a way to promote your business or services and it wont cost you a penny! we all know how viral things can go online so start writing about your business and services to help get more customers. A few of these article sites google love so you can be sure your article will be read.

Check these sites out below. They rank well with the search engines!

Squidoo. This is a great place to start. Here you can create your very own webpage, which squidoo call lenses. Topics can be anything, ranging from the best chocolate cake recipe ever! to how to care for pet lambs.If you wanted you could create hundreds of lenses all with different topics and subjects. You can create different themes using the selection of tools to give your lens its own unique style.

Hubpages This again is a very popular publishing platform. Make sure you read their terms and conditions.

Ezinearticles This is a very popular site for authors to submit quality unique content.

Why not write an ebook to sell?

If you know alot about a subject why not write an ebook to sell and promote online. With article writing you could then promote your ebook via a link. You could also promote it using various methods such as social networking sites.

Ebook sales are continuing to rise especially with new technology and sales of portable devices such as amazon kindles and ipads. You do not need to be an expert author, there are many different styles of writing nowadays, diverse range of topics with a diverse range of skills so this should not hold you back if this is something you would like to do.

Why you should copyright your online content now!

article on global ebook sales and statistics!

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