Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when a business (merchant) rewards a website owner or (affiliate) for either referring a customer to them, selling a product or service to them.

When you become an affiliate marketer you basically promote other peoples goods or services and get paid for your results.

An affiliate will use a variety of online marketing strategies to help align relevant customers to relevant goods. The more accurate the match the more successful you will become.

Affiliate Marketing can be very lucrative but to be successful you need to understand the different strategies and understand that relevant customers must be found for the relevant product or service.
If you have a website but no products then this is an ideal way to earn some extra money by promoting the goods within your niche.If you have a great product but little online marketing experience then create an affiliate program so you can let others do the selling for you and in return set a commission to pay them.

It really can be a good partnership and a win win situation all round.

Let me give you an example. Choose a product which you know people need and you know is good,try the product or service out for yourself before you spend time promoting it, your knowledge and enthusiasm will pay off in the end, the days of random affiliate links are well and truly gone.

You may not have a website but affiliate products can also be promoted using other platforms such as social media, if you have used a great product or service why not recommend it to others online, every time someone purchases through that link you get paid ! sounds easy?…

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