Tesco solution to problem in korea

For those of us who have been thinking of innovative ways to use qrcodes, this is a must read! I love innovative ideas and I have always believed in the innovative ways qrcodes can be used for mobile marketing. I myself have created some clothing over at zazzle using QRCode … [Read more...]

easy product creation

Isn't it amazing how times have changed, I remember not so long ago spending huge amounts of time and money have products created for me, in fact it seems like only yesterday. Boxes, bags, pens, t shirts etc etc. I was always creating innovative designs for typical merchandise products. However, the … [Read more...]

qr codes in the UK

Are you looking for innovative ways to use QR Codes? Those of us who are developing our mobile marketing skills are no doubt experimenting with them, QR codes are definately handy marketing images which I frequently try and think of a new way to use them. In my previous post I mentioned about how I … [Read more...]

I am a happy geek QRcode merchandise

I have recently discovered a real geeky tool, well actually I say geeky but I personally think it is a great marketing tool. Maybe some will have heard of them but I hadn't...until last month. Qr codes!, they are used in Japan, have been since 1996 to track parts for the motor Industry, anyway I … [Read more...]

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