Mobile Plugins and Apps for WordPress

For those of you, like me perhaps who have umpteen wordpress sites on the go, I thought I would share some excellent plugins and apps, ones which can help us all become really mobile.There are never enough hours in the day when trying to create quality unique online content, anything which helps to … [Read more...]

Txtlocal Leading the way with mobile marketing

Txt local UK company based in Malvern Worcestershire have recently won an Internet Business Award for their online communications system. The text message marketing service is used by a variety of businesses, both large and small. They provide an affordable, simple and powerful platform which means … [Read more...]

Worcester mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing seems to be a real hot topic of conversation. I must admit to being extremely excited about this new strategy. I have recently come back from some friends who have a lovely shop and they were telling me about their new tea room. It is lovely, really quaint but they were struggling … [Read more...]

local mobile monopoly

Learning Mobile marketing is something which I have been really wanting to try out, however I guess I like many have been waiting for the right time and the right opportunity to learn more. In particular I wanted to learn text message marketing, but until now I had always assumed it would either be … [Read more...]

Mobile Marketing….

Today I have spent a fair bit of time checking out new sites promoting mobile marketing, any serious internet marketer will I am sure be doing the same. Although still in its infancy stage many sites are claiming that it is easy to reach this starving population however from what I have read this is … [Read more...]

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