mobile for small local businesses

I love watching these videos from webmarketing today. They are so informative and can really help put marketing into perspective. Here I have found one which if you are a small business owner could really help. It basically outlines how getting your website mobile friendly could really help in … [Read more...]

Great tips For Text message marketing

Before starting your text message marketing campaign for your small business it is really worth spending a little time to think about your strategy. Consider carefully what you are trying to achieve, and do not under estimate the importance of doing so. Remember. You want a happy … [Read more...]

qr codes in the UK

Are you looking for innovative ways to use QR Codes? Those of us who are developing our mobile marketing skills are no doubt experimenting with them, QR codes are definately handy marketing images which I frequently try and think of a new way to use them. In my previous post I mentioned about how I … [Read more...]

How To Build An App

Last week I was trying to figure out how to create your own app, after much research I decided it would be too expensive and complicated and perhaps something I should leave to the technical geeks, of which I am not one! however during mid week I received an email from Adam and Tim founders of Local … [Read more...]

mobile marketing and wordpress

The more I learn about local mobile marketing the more I am thankful I created my sites using wordpress. I am always talking about the benefits of using wordpress, now more than ever. Going back a while when I realized mobile marketing and location based services was going to drastically change the … [Read more...]

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