Mobile Marketing Income opportunity

Are you looking for a future proof, genuine new income opportunity? Promote Yeptext to local businesses in your area and get paid for life !. If you sign up and learn mobile marketing yourself you could even manage the mobile marketing campaigns for the business owners themselves, as well as … [Read more...]

Examples of mobile marketing

We can all read plenty about mobile marketing and how it works but reality is many business owners understandably want to see proof and results. I completely understand this, it wasn't so long ago I myself paid a lot of money for a website without really understanding how it would benefit me. It … [Read more...]

How To Build An App

Last week I was trying to figure out how to create your own app, after much research I decided it would be too expensive and complicated and perhaps something I should leave to the technical geeks, of which I am not one! however during mid week I received an email from Adam and Tim founders of Local … [Read more...]

Poetry blogging

I have recently become the first ever bloggeret !. I am so pleased about this because it is something I really enjoy doing. For those who don't know what a bloggeret is. It is someone who blogs, (a blogger) but is also a poet, hence blogger - et. And better still I think google approve!, … [Read more...]

What is a bloggeret

Every once in a while I have crazy ideas, those who know me will understand what I mean. Well I have had another one, and I am about to tell you what this is. Trust me you'll love it.... As a marketer I am always looking for ways to get my pages ranked in Google, and lots of traffic to my sites. … [Read more...]

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