Article Writers Block

Isn't it strange that sometimes our writing capability can be seemingly effortless. Others times nothing flows. Article writing although time consuming is a necessity and an enjoyable experience however at times we know what we want to say but nothing seems to flow when we start typing! You may … [Read more...]

Optimistic For 2011

I personally feel very optimistic for 2011 however I appreciate that perhaps many do not and sometimes we can feel that we are faced with brick wall after brick wall. I have had a fair few of them myself but I do believe sometimes these walls and hurdles we sometimes face are simply ways of making … [Read more...]

Copyright. The importance of it.

Thank you for visiting my Copyright post. Firstly I would like to say all my site content is Copyright Protected. Why the importance ? In the World today, we have those who give and those who take and not forgetting the variables in between. We have Extreme thieves who steal, we also … [Read more...]

Clutter Free Mindset

Clutter Free Mindset ? what on earth has that got to do with this website? Well this is just the way I work, and believe me without it I certainly would not be able to progress at the pace I do. My life has never been cluttered, In fact I would go as far to say I hate clutter. I see it as … [Read more...]

domain names

hi. Today I have spent all day with godaddy !  I usually only buy one or two domains at a time but today like I said I was researching quite a long list for some local marketing I will be doing. At one time I had about 100 domains in the basket (after lots of time with keyword research etc) I … [Read more...]

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