creative marketing idea

Now I am no social media fact far from it, It is something admittedly I have put on the back boiler..crazy I know but I as we all know in this game, it's about prioritizing!...but social media is highly relevant today and something I for one will start to put it on the top of my to do … [Read more...]

Learn Internet Marketing Properly

Thought I would write a quick post about this subject because it is something I personally have struggled with in the past and I know others will too. Learn Internet Marketing The correct way When you first start out learning about internet marketing, naturally you have a lot to learn, those of us … [Read more...]

How good are hostgator

I had to write something about what happened to me recently. I know from researching my problem it could be relevant to many looking for new hosting or having problems with their sites. I know how frustrating it has been for me!, so here goes. Firstly, as said in my previous post, I recently had … [Read more...]

sights too high?

Have you ever set yourself a goal only to realize later this goal was unachievable! I have! When I first started out and learnt some basics about internet marketing I was so excited. It was the answer to all my prayers really. I had spent years trying to sell my products but now I had learnt how … [Read more...]

Enjoy and know your subject

Why is it so important? If you are thinking about starting an online blog or business Make sure you have knowledge of the subject and make sure you enjoy the subject.....I will tell you why. I knew I needed to find a starving audience so I did my research, used research tools and found a … [Read more...]

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