social media madness

Have you noticed how things are changing online lately?...I have, and it's tough to keep track of it all. Social media, self publishing, google changes, local search,mobile, feeding your blog, etc etc.... It's difficult to prioritize isn't it?.because there are so many distractions online, and … [Read more...]

problem with online marketing

Last week I got talking to someone very interesting, and very successful! I remember after our conversation jotting down a few ideas for a worthy post so here goes, I have just found them! The truth is, here I was in a room with a very very successful businessman, in the manufacturing … [Read more...]

I have my own daily newspaper

Just a quick post today about an online newspaper platform I have found...let me explain how it works. It is so simple! The site is called and you will need to sign up with them (FREE)and create a user name and password. This allows you to basically use their free service and … [Read more...]

when not to use email

Is Email Effective all the time? Not sure about you, but personally speaking at times I wonder whether or not email is as effective as what we think. Now don't get me wrong, it certainly is fast, cheap and very reliable, but I for one know that quite often it's not particularly … [Read more...]

Starting your online business

Are you thinking about starting your own online business? if so then please read this. No matter how dedicated you are when you start out it can be daunting. You have so much to think about and as you progress it gets worse and I will tell you why. First and foremost, you finally realize you … [Read more...]

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