advertising using webcam technology

A few weeks back I tweeted an article about how Amscreen technology is now being used to help with personalised advertising on petrol stations, a great idea for marketers but well perhaps a little too intrusive for many consumers, I'm sure we all have an opinion with that one! Earlier today I … [Read more...]

Do Google Like me?

I stopped worrying too much about what people think of me many years ago, but a few months back I had some concerns. I knew I wouldn't be spending much time on my sites but had real concerns how this could effect my site statistics. I had a steady stream of visitors to my blog most of which arrived … [Read more...]

Google Wallet – Here by the summer

Did you know Google Wallet will be launched by the summer! Apparently the new saying will be"tap pay and save" Google wallet is currently being tested in New York and San Fransisco and expected to be launched fully by the summer. They will then be looking to roll it out to other … [Read more...]

Google changes

Lately I have been reading about views on googles recent changes with algorithm. I for one like I am sure many others, welcome this change, bring it on I say. Infact I would go so far to say that taking into consideration googles constant drive to provide quality, unique and diverse content, any … [Read more...]

spinning articles..short sighted?

Article writing is no doubt a great way to increase traffic to your website, I love writing unique content but at times every creative bone in my body ceases to work. I have in the past considered article spinning tools but having utmost respect for google, I personally suspect one day they will … [Read more...]

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