Motivation, Action and Dedication

Internet Marketing can be frustrating, especially when we don't see instant result. When starting out you can't help wondering if you are missing some secret formula ! and unfortunately many people over complicate the situation. Sometimes we need to look at the situation with a logical mind. To … [Read more...]

spinning articles..short sighted?

Article writing is no doubt a great way to increase traffic to your website, I love writing unique content but at times every creative bone in my body ceases to work. I have in the past considered article spinning tools but having utmost respect for google, I personally suspect one day they will … [Read more...]

Article Writers Block

Isn't it strange that sometimes our writing capability can be seemingly effortless. Others times nothing flows. Article writing although time consuming is a necessity and an enjoyable experience however at times we know what we want to say but nothing seems to flow when we start typing! You may … [Read more...]

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