Do Google Like me?

I stopped worrying too much about what people think of me many years ago, but a few months back I had some concerns. I knew I wouldn't be spending much time on my sites but had real concerns how this could effect my site statistics. I had a steady stream of visitors to my blog most of which arrived … [Read more...]

easy product creation

Isn't it amazing how times have changed, I remember not so long ago spending huge amounts of time and money have products created for me, in fact it seems like only yesterday. Boxes, bags, pens, t shirts etc etc. I was always creating innovative designs for typical merchandise products. However, the … [Read more...]

when not to use email

Is Email Effective all the time? Not sure about you, but personally speaking at times I wonder whether or not email is as effective as what we think. Now don't get me wrong, it certainly is fast, cheap and very reliable, but I for one know that quite often it's not particularly … [Read more...]

What is a poorly parcel

In the next few weeks I will be revealing alot about the products I (years ago) had made and designed for me with the intention to sell to shops nationwide. Remember these products are completely unique but unfortunately I failed to get them to market successfully! I am in a revealing honest … [Read more...]

New Biscuit Idea – The Apprentice

Recently I Set up a category called "another crazy idea" The reason for doing this was simply a way to vent and discuss creative ideas. I thought about setting up a separate blog but I have enough to maintain. Having spent previous years trying to get my own products to market … [Read more...]

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