about the amateur author

As per usual I try to spread myself too thinly, I set myself a task about six weeks ago to not only get a new book published using Lulu (print to promote locally and via the lulu website) but also publish it via KDP - Kindle direct publishing, and online via my new sales page. However, I did it. … [Read more...]

social media madness


Have you noticed how things are changing online lately?...I have, and it's tough to keep track of it all. Social media, self publishing, google changes, local search,mobile, feeding your blog, etc etc.... It's difficult to prioritize isn't it?.because there are so many distractions online, and … [Read more...]

Kindle Kash review


I have just completed reading the Kindle Kash course produced by Nick Daws.   I rarely promote promote products via this site unless I have bought them myself, and although I had heard only positive things from the kindle kash course I still needed to find out for myself how useful this … [Read more...]

here we go again

Self publishers beware I have been doing this online marketing for a while now, but at times I still get shocked of what I find. Let me explain. I remember three years ago as soon as I started subscribing to sites about building websites and learning online marketing that I was bombarded with … [Read more...]

problem with online marketing

Last week I got talking to someone very interesting, and very successful! I remember after our conversation jotting down a few ideas for a worthy post so here goes, I have just found them! The truth is, here I was in a room with a very very successful businessman, in the manufacturing … [Read more...]

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