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Hi there, my name is Sharon and I live in the UK.

Why dimnity? well it seemed a good idea at the time, I could have chosen something like, letslearntogetmyproductsonline.com but I wanted something short and memorable for my online presence.

Before learning different aspects of online marketing  my views were very different, in fact very naive because..

I had products designed and made for me ASSUMING they would sell

I had websites built and designed for me ASSUMING they would be found.

I had ebay shops ASSUMING I would have customers

My ventures failed, everything was based on assumptions..I carried out no research whatsoever, that may sound ludicrous to many but at the time I assumed that was the norm. I wasted a lot of money on a lot of products, many of which were later sold for a fraction of what I paid.

WHY DID I FAIL ? Well today I know why.

In case you haven’t heard to ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME !

I soon learnt never to assume when it comes to your customer needs, and Never Assume a website will be found and definitely Never Assume you will have customers and a product is needed.

I eventually decided to knuckle down and learn some online marketing skills, skills where I could research different markets, I'd had enough of paying for websites..which never got found, and furthermore every little tweak would cost yet more money…and that was even before we discussed search engine optimisation work, (seo). It was frustrating and soul destroying.
The truth is back then I had never heard of SEO (methods to get your site found).

Yes, those were the days, or not.

Times have changed..

I know since then times have changed, people have become a lot more savvy, they've had to. Creating websites today has become increasingly easier and popular, user friendly platforms such as wordpress and blogger means that you can now have a blog or even eCommerce site up and running in next to no time, and that, I see as, too good of an opportunity to miss, seeking out little pockets of niche markets is something very achievable and very satisfying.

Nowadays I have a few niche websites on the go, they cost next to nothing to run and every once in a while I'll get a cheque from Amazon, Google and ..sometimes Clickbank.  I use the WordPress for all my sites, the platform is very user friendly and search engine friendly too.

The hardest part is getting visitors to them which is why positioning yourself online is crucial, you need to know your market.. and know where you fit within that market, if not you will get lost in the online abyss, and when visitors do visit your site ensure you can offer them exactly what they were searching for, they won't hang around if you don't.

Relevant visitors are what we all want to our websites, visitors who need what we have to offer whether that be a product, service or information….This is the essence of having a successful website, article, product or business for that matter.


Ultimately to succeed online you need to adapt and change alongside and remain current, technology continues to evolve, ensure you evolve with it, I for one intend to.

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