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A few weeks back I tweeted an article about how Amscreen technology is now being used to help with personalised advertising on petrol stations, a great idea for marketers but well perhaps a little too intrusive for many consumers,
I'm sure we all have an opinion with that one!

Earlier today I read another article about this subject, and with an ‘advertising' head on it had got me thinking.

Many site owners, including myself publish ads via platforms such as Google Adsense, Chitika, etc,  ultimately we want those ads to be as relevant as possible to the visitor (hopefully to get a click through)….win win situation all round…. site owner gets a little, Google /ad company gets a little, the reader finds something they are interested in, and the advertiser gets publicity.

Then I thought…what if using webcams Google could incorporate this same adscreen technology into their ads!, I don't know whether I am missing something simple here but surely if the technology is here already then can't see why this couldn't be rolled out on a much grander scale?, we all know Google already obtain numerous bits of information of users by various methods, but could they ever use the webcam to help with targeted ads too?

I don't know,

target advertising / using webcam technology /

…..could it, will it happen? and would you be willing to receive ads this way? or would you be taping up that webcam!


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