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online identityWhen you've been online a while, and speaking as a one man band myself (which perhaps many of you are,)I have noticed you slowly start to become a little more chilled about things, your attitudes change, you become less self obsessed, ie,  it becomes less about take… more about give, less about me… and more about you, less about profit… more about value, etc. you get the jist, You also become more honest, of course I'm not implying that many of us are deliberately dishonest but many of us are perhaps disillusioned about our actual value or worth online, of course it's easy to do I know, I have done it and still do because the internet sort of makes us that way, put me in front of an audience and tell me to speak about internet marketing…I'd curl up and die, but submit an article to the world…potentially, an audience of 7 billion people behind my laptop…and I'm fine with that…ok, my articles are hardly going to reach them, unless I had abnormal SEO skills! but you know what I'm saying.

When I talk about becoming more honest, I guess what I really mean is that you are clearer about what you can provide or offer., some businesses, bloggers etc are very clear about their identity online, others perhaps not, others perhaps don't even care.

When I first started out admittedly I would try to appear (because I thought that's the way it should be)that I could provide something even though perhaps I was not equipt to do so, worse still not knowledgeable enough about to advise with,  so for example if someone a few years back emailed me and said ‘please help, how do I build a website from scratch, I would probably have raced over to clickbank, found a book, threw an affiliate link in and sent it her way asap. (cringe)…c'mon we've all done it, haven't we?

Seriously…I have changed.

Nowadays, that would be easy to answer, I would just say, I could tell you but I'm not set-up to help you, but I can highly recommend someone who is.

What I'm saying is that when you have been online a while, putting Google searches aside, you soon start to identify authority sites run by genuine people and instead of trying to compete with them (which perhaps you may never achieve)….you want to share them instead, sharing is caring and all that, and you'll also get a lot more respect from someone if your honest about what you can and cannot do.

anyway, just my random thought for today, hope you agree.

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Hi, my name is Sharon and would best describe myself as an optimistic multipotentialite! /niche blogger striving to get Googles attention, wordpress enthusiast

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