genesis missing in wordpress

Well finally I have invested in the genesis framework and I certainly have no regrets, getting this theme is something I have been wanting to do for a while, since thesis 2 has been released I have been persevering trying to adjust to the changes, but I'm sorry to say, like many other thesis users, I just can't get my head around it. It's far too tricky for us non tech users, my patience finally wore out so I took the plunge and bought the genesis framework.

I still need to adapt to the theme but thought I would write a quick post about how I am finding it so far. Last year I wrote a post about why I chose thesis for my theme, here is that post, but like I say, things have changed, and having observed what a few pro bloggers were doing, or rather where they were going, I decided to head over to studiopress.

The first thing I noticed about genesis is that it seemed very lightweight, non cluttered and clean looking, I eventually decided to go with the news theme which to be honest I really liked, very quickly, this theme has plenty of widget areas which personally I like, but best of all its a mobile friendly theme, so no longer relying on yet another plugin, albeit wp touch was extremely good at doing the job very well.

When you purchase genesis with a theme it allows you to use on as many sites as you want, when I installed it on this site however I encountered a little problem,  its a simple issue and easy to resolve, but it can still be time consuming when trying to sort out simple issues so thought I would mention it in the event anyone else has the same problem.

this is what it should look like

this is what it should look like

Genesis missing in wordpress

After you have installed the genesis framework onto your site, you should notice that on the dashboard there is a genesis tab / admin menu, this is where you can change main settings, such as layout etc, however when I uploaded it to my site it wasn't there.

My initial thought was perhaps I had misunderstood and I wasn't able to use on another site.

As many of us know, usually its a simple human error when issues like this occur, but after reinstalling, etc and attempting all other options, I finally had to contact studiopress with the issue…expecting to get a response in a few days, but within the hour I had a reply, the customer service I found pretty impressive.

If you too have this issue and this genesis admin menu is not on your dashboard then here is how to solve it, will take you all of two seconds.


go to your wordpress user profile , top right hand corner of screen.

Then go to edit profile.



ensure this is checked

ensure this is checked!!!! simple error, but confusing

scroll down just below halfway an ensure enable genesis admin menu, checked, problem solved.

If perhaps you are considering genesis then I can honestly highly recommend it, I really feel that this is a theme that you can rely on and ultimately will enable you to spend more time creating content, and less time problem solving, which is ultimately what we bloggers need.

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