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It has been a while since I have written a fresh post for this site… I've been suffering a little from procrastination (ugh)…. finding it difficult to focus on writing quality content, maybe you too are suffering from the same when it comes to writing fresh quality content for your blog?

If you are, then let me tell you how I have found a way of dealing with this, or at least finding a WordPress tool which seems to be helping. ALOT!
….. here goes.
If like me, you use WordPress for your blog / site then you are in luck because you too may find this a great way of dealing with getting content online. This is also a great way of blogging with WordPress on the move, especially if your feeling creative when out and about.

Blogging with the WordPress App

If you have a smartphone / mobile device, download the android WordPress app (or IOS) , enter your WordPress username and password, this will enable you to access your site via your mobile device, I love this app because by using your microphone (on your keyboard) you don't even have to type your words (especially tricky on small devices such as mobile phones),  just talk into the microphone and it types out the content for you. This is an incredibly fast way to get content online because sometimes it is so much easier reading out what you have to say, rather than typing it out. We have all had those moments where perhaps we could quite easily reel off a few good posts whilst waiting for the train, picking up the kids or having a coffee in the park, or even in the bath!
brilliant eh?
Now admittedly occasionally the tool gets confused with what you are trying to say, and therefore gets the spelling wrong, but any errors are easy and quick enough to edit (could just be my country accent) the clearer you speak…the less mistakes it will make.

I personally don't suggest using this option to change the site layout and design as its not really suitable for that, however  it is incredibly handy to use for getting written content online. Quickly.
Go on…try it for yourself, or if you have been using the app already, let me know how you find it.

Check the app out for yourself.

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