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When I first started using wordpress a few years back naturally  I found myself spoilt for choice with the available themes on the market, initially I tried a few of the free themes available, twenty ten in particular, however it soon became apparent that I needed to invest in a premium theme which could offer a bit more flexibility and scope.

I eventually narrowed my selection down to thesis and genesis. (both frameworks) At the time and after a fair amount of research, I concluded that they were both equally great choices and found it difficult to decide which one to choose, the deciding factor if I remember right was finding out that the head of Googles spam team, Matt Cutts was using Thesis for his blog, so Thesis it was.

Two years on I can honestly say I love thesis, it's fast, flexible and it's a theme you can grow with, the openhook plugin which basically means you don't need to mess with the coding has been a lifesaver for me so far as customization, it's more of a matter of just pasting content into positions (hooks) onto your website.

I would certainly recommend thesis to anyone, however people need to realize that it is a framework, one which you will need to develop. It's not a typical ready made theme, it is however a customizable framework.

Admittedly thesis in it's bare bones is nothing special, however within a very short space of time and some experimenting you can easily transform your site into something unique, and the option is always there to purchase a thesis skin which is basically a readily created design / layout for you, however I personally don't think this is nessesary.


Thesis I believe is well worth the one off investment, $87 for  single website, or $164 for the developers licence (use on as many sites as you wish). Thesis has built in SEO and is relatively easy to learn even for a wordpress beginner, it's a powerful framework which loads very quickly. It's relatively easy to customize and has an easy to use thesis options panel to control and manage your site.

Although I've used thesis for a few years now, and have no reason to change I couldn't help noticing lately that there are some really great new premium themes cropping up, really clean sleek looking themes, which are really pleasing to the eye, I was starting to feel like I could be missing out!

A few weeks back I spent a few days researching some of the best premium themes now available on the market, I was searching for a theme which could offer everything that thesis could but with a more modern / minimal twist. (something that I hope will be available with the next version of thesis)….

Theme Forest

Theme forest has some amazing themes, designed by some very creative people.

I won't list all my favourites here because there are far too many, all the themes are created by different designers so there's a huge amount of choice and variety here, themes for many different purposes, corporate, magazine styles, mobile, entertainment etc, so no matter what your needs are there's a design here to suit anyones need.





Another theme club I found was elegant themes

After reading several reviews, I decided to go ahead and purchase because at $39 it seemed a bargain price for 70 plus premium themes not forgetting the new ones which are constantly being added every month. Generally speaking I think this is great value for money, I appreciate that thesis and elegant themes are two very different products, however in my opinion I certainly won't be swopping thesis with any elegant theme, by purchasing and testing some elegant themes it has in fact made me appreciate thesis even more.

I know that there are many great premium themes out there, but I doubt I will find what I am looking for just at the moment, (a modern version of thesis!)for now I will continue to use thesis and hope that DIY themes Chris Pearson will release the next version soon, (thesis 2.0) that would make me, and plenty of others very happy indeed!



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