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As per usual I try to spread myself too thinly, I set myself a task about six weeks ago to not only get a new book published using Lulu (print to promote locally and via the lulu website) but also publish it via KDP – Kindle direct publishing, and online via my new sales page.

However, I did it. 🙂

I have used createspace, (Amazons self publishing platform) before however because they have no print facility in the UK I decided this time to use the LULU platform, I had read that they were as good and delivery alot quicker and cheaper if based outside the U.S.

Generally speaking I thought LULU were very good, however I personally felt that their platform wasn't as easy to use as createspace, I think this was mainly due to me being completely rubbish with editing images / formats and cover designs, I have in the past outsourced these tasks using fiverr.com etc but like so many of us I constantly strive to become self sufficient!

EVENTUALLY with a little help from my son… their system accepted the cover file and I proceeded to order my book which cost £5.50 / $8.70 including p&p.

Three days later my book arrived.

Initially I was pleased, nice glossy cover with bold colors, however upon further investigation I found some issues. I really don't know whether or not this was my fault or fault of the printers but personally feel that it was due to me ‘rushing the job out of frustration'!

the writing on the covers back was quite blurry, It could be that I had used the wrong size / style of font, I don't know.

The inside of the book was ok, the print quality on the pages was excellent, and the paper was good quality too, but some of my images were missing (my fault / error) and the new chapters didn't always start on a new page, like I thought I had done (again my fault)

The printed version at lulu

If I were to compare the quality with createspace I would say it's better, my book was a paperback ,120 pages and still kept its shape nicely after being read etc, however createspace I found more user friendly, bearing in mind that I have only used them both only once.

The kindle version….

Publishing with KDP has got to be the easiest, I plan to spend alot of time over there in the coming months.

It also has a new tool where you can view your book as the user would see it using the kindle. (really need to purchase a kindle! :))


I was also going to sell my eBook via clickbank however finally decided to use paydotcom, it's less saturated and has numerous affiliates onboard waiting to promote your products. Paydotcom really are worth checking out if you are planning on creating a sales page for your new book, they have a great support system in place and the whole process is relatively straight forward, both for vendors and affiliates.




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