social media madness

Have you noticed how things are changing online lately?…I have, and it's tough to keep track of it all.

Social media, self publishing, google changes, local search,mobile, feeding your blog, etc etc….

It's difficult to prioritize isn't it?.because there are so many distractions online, and there is so much to do,

There are only so many hours in the day and we need to use that time wisely, productively, prioritize etc….without which we'd become busy fools online!

Lets take social media for example.

Do you join as many as you can handle and try to juggle them all ? or

Do you join perhaps one or two and forget the rest ? or

Do you look at one or two which best serve your purpose ?.

We all know social media is highly relevant today, they are after all powerful marketing platforms which shouldn't be ignored, they can help enormously in whatever you are trying to achieve ie: brand / product awareness, traffic to your blog, traffic to affiliate links, etc,

but there are also different social media platforms that are better than others, dependent on what you are trying to achieve.

Now I'm no social media expert at all, I am one of those still trying to figure out which ones would serve my purpose more, I enjoy twitter and can see the powerful benefits of creating lists, but I also notice that much of what's on twitter can be irrelevant, albeit short timely messages (140 characters.) but the more time I spend on twitter..the more powerful tool I think it is.

I for one will consider this site as a priority.

Google plus.

Well its natural for any blogger, website owner, SEO enthusiast to want be part of something Google created, and whilst I still have lots to learn about the different functions and how much this platform can positively help myself, I'm sure it will ultimately play a part in SEO further on down the line. With Gplus,I also appreciate the way you can separate your circles which enables you to direct messages to only relevant users, (something which lacked with facebook).

I also like the way everything else is integrated, Gmail, gdocs, etc.

so again I'll also put that on my list.

I know there are hundreds of other platforms ..facebook, stumbleupon, linkedin, digg, etc etc etc a few of which I have an account but not really focussed on…. but I have found another platform recently which really grabbed my attention…

It has really taken the web by storm…I think because of the visual aspect of it. (which people love online today)

The site was created by an entrepreneur who originally worked for Google.


Pinterest in fact,  so far as delivering traffic to your site, this one beats them all!….so this should naturally grab your attention if you are someone trying to create brand awareness or promote your website online.

At first I could quite get my head around it, it seemed a great place for flickr fanatics, or for those passionate about photography or pictures in general, but I couldn't quite understand how this could help so far as marketing….

but then having spent a day on it myself it started to dawn on me how powerful it could be.

No its not somewhere you should go if you intend to blatently promote your products, links, website, business or whatever, well certainly not at the moment because it's a very clean site, and the users and site owners would like it to remain that way. However with some non aggressive and sensible, subtle promotion it can be very powerful way to promote your brand or business.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can basically pin / repin anything you like the look of online. At the moment that is really based on the visual aspect/ photograph / image. Its not so much based on the content aspect. However, my guess is that it will evolve into that. Anyone who likes what you have pinned, they can repin, or like, they can also follow you if they wish to do so.

I personally think it has great potential, and will be watching how it evolves, especially how it can really benefit marketers.

Check out pinterest now.

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