Kindle Kash review

I have just completed reading the Kindle Kash course produced by Nick Daws.


I rarely promote promote products via this site unless I have bought them myself, and although I had heard only positive things from the kindle kash course I still needed to find out for myself how useful this product was, I also needed to ensure the purchasing process with the WCCL Network ran smoothly.

What is Kindle Kash?

Kindle kash is a comprehensive course written by UK author Nick Daws.

Nick is an experienced independent author and is highly respected in the publishing industry.

This course is aimed to help those wishing to self publish their own ebook on the amazon kindle.

The course covers various topics including research, writing strategy, editing and publishing, nick doesn't upsell throughout the course which I must admit is a refreshing change from many existing courses / books out there. This to me speaks volumes, and demonstrates that this book has been written with the readers interest in mind.

Is Kindle Kash good and really worth buying?

Nick totally understands the problems which can happen when you first decide to write a book. I know this because when I read it myself I could totally identify what he was saying.

Organization and outlining your book is key if you are ever to actually get your book published!, many many authors, including myself start to write a book, then realize it's just not right.

Nick helps you to avoid this situation and shows you how to not only write your book but complete it in a short space of time.

This to me was the most important chapter and personally benefited me the most.

Are there any bad points?

If I were to be absolutely honest the only negative about kindle kash is that there is a chapter which is slightly outdated, KDP have now made the whole process of uploading your book alot simpler, however this really does not deter from its value.

Reality is that the self publishing industry will continue to evolve therefore many guides will possibly be slightly outdated.

All in all Kindle Kash is definitely worth its price. I myself will be incorporating nicks methods and strategies because I know it has helped me to restructure my book which will mean I actually complete it!

This course if followed will absolutely help you to complete your kindle book, it covers every topic from start to finish and yet doesn't deliver info overload.

If you are struggling to complete a book I would definitely recommend this course / book because of the useful strategies nick talks about and methods to help organize your book.




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