problem with online marketing

Last week I got talking to someone very interesting, and very successful!

I remember after our conversation jotting down a few ideas for a worthy post so here goes, I have just found them!

The truth is, here I was in a room with a very very successful businessman, in the manufacturing Industry.

albeit from a different generation.

Infact he had been in business for over fifty years.

He had successfully built up his empire and was now in his twilight years reaping what he had sown, he had now handed the business management over to someone.

Yes, a very different scenario to myself.

Now I am talking successful here. Very successful.

We got talking about the internet, and he asked me about what I had done, and what I was trying to achieve.

“It's a long story, so how long you got” I said.

I proceeded to tell him about what I had learnt.

I also explained to him how currently I was very excited about new self publishing platforms such as createspace and lulu and how I thought social media was so relevant today to connect with your audience or customer. I rambled on about twitter this, wordpress that, SEO, bla bla bla.

This is what he said.

What you need to remember sharon is this.

Back in my day, I had to get customers from knocking on doors, cold calling with salesmen, including myself.

That is how I gathered my customers. Face to face.

My quality products which I manufactured in the UK were competetively priced, produced from quality materials.

this is what lead to repeat orders and that is how I built my reputation for what I do.

Not social media.

If I were to start in business today, ofcourse social media is something I would address, but most of my orders today are from customers I have had for many many years and if I continue to deliver a quality product at a competitive price, which I will, then I will continue to get business and repeated trade.

I am well established and people in the industry recognise my brand I have built.

They also know from word and mouth our superb reputation, they know that we deliver a quality product at a competitive price.

It's a different generation of marketing,

the problem with online marketing is that you know little about who you are dealing with.

Marketing has evolved and will continue to do so, but today I spend less time worrying about marketing and more time worrying about my next holiday destination!

Well he sure told me didn't he!

How times have changed, but that reminded me of an article I read not so long back about sales

check it out because it's a great read.





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