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Self publishers beware

I have been doing this online marketing for a while now, but at times I still get shocked of what I find.

Let me explain.

I remember three years ago as soon as I started subscribing to sites about building websites and learning online marketing that I was bombarded with offers in my email inbox.

These offers were hyped up offers which unfortunately give the industry such a bad reputation.

seriously some of these offers made ludicrous claims and made online success appear very easy indeed.

Thankfully  instincts told me that they were not offers which were genuine, albeit some were very convincing I must admit.

Today I know my instincts back then, were right.

After three years, my conclusion is this.

There is only one way to learn, and thats from putting alot of time alot of effort and by making a lot of mistakes.

It also involves having the right attitude.

The attitude of realizing it will take time and realization that you will make mistakes…and lots of them.

It will require taking lots of action and spending less time reading these tempting offers.

It does not involve having the attitude that perhaps one of these instant success schemes work.

In my opinion, the moment you believe that, is the moment you start buying into these get rich schemes and help fuel this ruthless industry.

Moving on..

I know that self publishing is the latest trend.

Something I myself want to be involved in, but here is what I have found so far, for me personally it's a bit like a de ja vue feeling.

It reminds me of three years ago when I myself had those tempting offers of  how to learn different aspects of internet marketing and building websites.

I have seen a few products flying around about how you can create ebooks and make an awful lot of money within the month.

Yeh right. I find this hard to believe.

These products look very convincing and timing superb because there are many many people out there who are desperately wanting to self publish,

but a few of these products are saying you don't even need to write anything.!

Now I don't know what the product involves and perhaps I shouldn't judge too much but I have heard of products like this currently online.

Products promoting content theft.

I can only assume it is something like copying existing content online.! and that does not sit comfortably with me.

I may be wrong to assume but I seriously have my doubts about creating books without actually writing content.

Would it sell? maybe,

Would I buy it?, no way.

Could I promote it and get paid a commission for selling it ? quite possibly.

Would I ? NO WAY.

If someone came knocking on my door and offered me a simple way to sell stolen goods would I do it?

of course not.

Please, if you are looking to self publish just be careful what you are signing up for.

Be on your guard and on the look out for products which quite frankly won't work or worse still could mean you are copying existing content online.

Just my thought for today.






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