I have my own daily newspaper

Just a quick post today about an online newspaper platform I have found…let me explain how it works.

It is so simple!

The site is called paper.li and you will need to sign up with them (FREE)and create a user name and password.

This allows you to basically use their free service and create your own newspapers.

Enter your twitter details, newspaper categories and ofcourse your newpaper title, (usually your business or name)

you then press the publish button and viola!

you have your very own daily (or weekly) online newspaper.

It even updates automatically.(morning and evening or just morning / evening)

But heres why I find it so useful.

I don't mind admitting, its a constant struggle for me to create unique online content to get visitors to this site, and although I get visitors to my site via previously written articles it is still a constant struggle to create original content, especially during times when my brain is simply not working.

It can be hard work to keep feeding your blog with what it needs to survive…. original quality content that visitors want to read.

paper.li basically grabs articles and content from my social media following. It then organizes it into your own newspaper into various categories, same format as a print newspaper.

You can manually edit the content too, if you feel that certain stories are not really relevant. (this can actually help highlight the fact that perhaps certain people you follow, are not really relevant)

You can add twitter lists and google keywords to help create the content for you newspaper.

You can also bookmark content using the browser, which then automatically adds content to your paper. Instantly.

It is definately worth trying it out yourself, in two days I have received 85 views on my paper, and 27 of those have clicked on the link back to this website.  Just another way to get a few more visitors to your site.

You can even add your own content (but remember! you will soon annoy your readers if you bombard them with product offers all the time~!)

I have uploaded this article to display in my featured article on my newspapers, just to prove a point if nothing else.

see for yourself….

Check out the Dimnity Daily paper, then create your own paper whilst your there. (top right corner)

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