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Happy new year everyone.

January is always a great time to forward plan isn't it!, it's also a good time to reflect a little…

I like many have been trying to get myself really organized for the busy year ahead.

I have alot I want to achieve but need to create a realistic plan to help me accomplish this, without plans we tend to drift into the internet abyss..

don't we?, not a nice place to be, you get nothing achieved, get sidetracked and achieve very little.

So…here are some of my thoughts for the year ahead.

Starting with email marketing, (something I have not yet attempted, (seriously anyway)

I started with addressing how I personally respond to emails.

I don't open junk mail which comes through my letterbox and likewise I don't open junk in my email inbox, it annoys me, always will and I can't understand the mentality of why people try and connect this way.

I only subscribe to what I consider extremely relevant to myself, people who I trust!, I trust that they will not bombard me with irrelevant content and irrelevant products. (usually affiliate products), the moment that trust is gone (ie: they start annoying me or sending me too many product offers) well that is when I immediately unsubscribe, and can almost hear them say…”what did I do wrong?”…

Yes admittedly, I very rarely subscribe to sites, I would much rather follow them via social networks.

I know that many will relate to this…


Should I start email campaigns or go with my instincts to try and connect via other methods such as social media.

We hear alot about the money is in the list!, but then we also hear alot about how it is only effective if executed right!, and this isn't easily achieved, especially today when readers (like myself) DEMAND really relevant content and products.

Common sense tells me that is would be ludicrous to assume that email marketing would be worth my time, unless I totally understand my customers needs. !

When I type into google “email marketing or social media marketing” and read some of the results, I tend to think I am better this year spending my time on improving my social media presence.

For now I have decided that email marketing be put on the back boiler because I feel my time will be used more effectively on social media and creating unique online content…priorities, etc..

However, whilst doing a little research I found something which I thought was a really simple newsletter subcribe platform, it is called tinyletter (free) which has been created by mailchimp.(also free but no so simple).

It is so simple and doesn't allow you to categorize your subscribers but in my opinion still a useful but simple tool.

My next issue for 2012..

How can I ensure my time is used as effectively as possible –

I have so much I want to do ie: new niche sites, new books (self publishing) etc, learn Google Analytics more thoroughly/ more effectively, etc aswell as trying my own mini mobile campaigns.

Seriously all this makes me realize I have been spreading myself far too thinly! (can't help thinking of that saying…jack of all trades?…master of none?…) however in my defense I can also feel pleased about how much I achieved in 2011. I made lots of mistakes but better still, I learnt from those mistakes.

back to priorities….

I keep jotting down things on my “to do list” but haven't yet got round to doing much prioritizing.

(creativity is flowing but organization skills currently rubbish!)

So I have reached a conclusion..

let January be a time to let creativity flow, write them down!

February however,  let's have a clear strategy in mind.(written down also!)

so there you go, those are my thoughts for today.

Social media marketing takes priority over email marketing.

and I need to create targets, I need a plan to move forward.


Good luck with your 2012 plan, and please get in touch via twitter to let me know your plans for your site in 2012,

or join me on Google plus.



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