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Kindle Kash review

I have just completed reading the Kindle Kash course produced by Nick Daws.   I rarely promote promote products via this site unless I have bought them myself, and although I had heard only positive things from the kindle kash course I still needed to find out for myself how useful this … [Read more...]

here we go again

Self publishers beware I have been doing this online marketing for a while now, but at times I still get shocked of what I find. Let me explain. I remember three years ago as soon as I started subscribing to sites about building websites and learning online marketing that I was bombarded with … [Read more...]

problem with online marketing

Last week I got talking to someone very interesting, and very successful! I remember after our conversation jotting down a few ideas for a worthy post so here goes, I have just found them! The truth is, here I was in a room with a very very successful businessman, in the manufacturing … [Read more...]

I have my own daily newspaper

Just a quick post today about an online newspaper platform I have found...let me explain how it works. It is so simple! The site is called and you will need to sign up with them (FREE)and create a user name and password. This allows you to basically use their free service and … [Read more...]

email marketing or social media marketing

Happy new year everyone. January is always a great time to forward plan isn't it!, it's also a good time to reflect a little... I like many have been trying to get myself really organized for the busy year ahead. I have alot I want to achieve but need to create a realistic plan to help me … [Read more...]

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