How transparent are you online?

How transparent are you online?

It's strange isn't it how the internet evolves.

I mean maybe some years back it was acceptable or even the norm to hide behind your blog, offering little transparency, but the internet has changed hasn't it.

I personally don't remember those days but I know you need to be as transparent as possible  today because that is what we are all searching for.

We also need to be effective, provide unique quality content, our content….not other peoples!.

People are tired of mediocre content, we all are aren't we?

Our time is precious, things to do, people to see, etc etc. We have no time at all for average content do we.

Everyone is craving transparency and whilst many sites offer this, there are still an awful lot of sites which don't.

The longer I spend online the more I realize that the only way forward is to clearly show online who you are, what you are about, what makes you tick, what you can offer, how you are different, etc, whether that be via social network platforms, youtube or other means, and that applies to both businesses and individual bloggers.

In case we hadn't noticed already, the internet has become massive, online content is so huge, and unless we stand out from the crowd, we will struggle to survive online.

When I started out learning the ropes three years ago my intentions were to learn how to promote MY OWN products online, I got sidetracked along the way and started promoting other peoples products via affiliate links but…..I wasn't a sales rep after a slice of the profits.

I was more of a creator.

That is why I originally started learning about marketing products online. To promote my own products. Not other peoples.

Nowadays I am back Creating my own products, infact creating my own books with createspace.

Have you ever stopped to consider who you are? and does your existing online presence accurately reflect that?

Are you a sales rep? or are you a creator?, or are you both?








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