self publishing review with create space

Are you thinking of using Createspace ?

Are you looking for a createspace review?

This is my experience.

A few months back I decided to try the self publishing platform createspace. I set myself a realistic target, publishing my own book was something I like many had only dreamt about.

A real book

My reasons for using them was that they are a subsidery company of amazon.

I was so excited about this self publishing opportunity that I decided to create a short book (not one I would Market / publish) just to test the process and ensure it worked!

It did.

The only thing I will say is that it can be a little frustrating when you submit the book via your account, because frequently you get a message back from createspace saying that the margins are wrong or please enter xyz. ie it can be a little technical if you arent particularly great at following precise instructions.!

If I can offer some advice, read the instructions properly, don't rush the process and you should be fine.

I was that excited I was rushing everything because I was so desperate to get my real printed book through the post! lol.

As far as book covers go, they do offer some templates but personally I would highly recommend popping over to and get someone to create one for you.

Also Living in the UK I had to wait for about four weeks for my proof to arrive.

If you are thinking about self publishing createspace are definitely worth using.



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