naive marketing or not?

Are you trying to promote a product? if so then read on because you may relate to what I am about to say.

I have read some superb posts lately about selling techniques and strategies, how online and offline marketing has evolved and about where marketers are possibly going wrong promoting their products.

As we all know, online marketing is constantly evolving and just because it worked three months ago does not mean to say it works so well today, so I am always on the look out for expert up to date advice, tips and strategies from professionals themselves.

I subscribe to a handful of sites where I know I get this tremendous advice, advice relevant to what I am trying to achieve.

One of those sites are copyblogger, the quality of content is great and written in a way which helps to clarify everything. (something I like many constantly struggle with)If I could produce a fraction of the content produced there I would be very very happy!

Last week I read a really good post written by Jonathan Morrow, all about selling without having to sell your soul.

This post was so relevant to me because I was in the process of creating a new product and I was trying to perfect my sales page, now don't get me wrong, I knew what I read in his post was true already, but he had written down what I already thought in a way easy for me to digest!, he helped to clarify my thoughts, something that quality written content like this does.

Content like this keeps you focussed and basically instills confidence in what you are doing, in my case trying to present my product in a transparent way but which will still convert.

I don't want to present my sales pages using overly exaggerated claims, that's not my style nor ever will be, but at the same time I need to promote my product clearly reflecting how my product will help, and getting that balance is something I wanted to do.

Before I started my sales page, I researched other products and sales pages within this niche, it wasn't a typical product about make money online but as per usual I was presented with recently created sales pages using the “old fashioned selling approach” with claims of over night success etc  and whilst this really did not suprise me, I was shocked by the amount of them in that particular niche, OK great that I had very little competition as far as products with less hype and more help, but it got me thinking…….

How many of these sales pages today really convert ? I have never produced one before so I don't know, neither do I promote them, and neither have I bought from one, even some years back when I was desperate to find the best way to learn internet marketing strategies. I was never even tempted, I read them of course, but I wouldn't use these aggressive strategies offline, so why on earth would I feel comfortable doing it online?

I couldn't agree more with what Jonathan murrow has wrote about selling your soul, when you start out online you may think selling with ruthless strategies is the only way, after all you see enough of them and I guess it is easy to assume this is the only way, of course I am no expert, far from it, but surely you should start as you mean to go on, and if your in it for the long haul (which is the only way to succeed in my book) it is about offering true value, knowing your product, and that takes time to develop, and it is during this time you will be able to spot the true professionals which offer true value for money, and those which do not.

With desperate financial times ahead, I think we can safely assume that there will be many in 2012 seeking out new income opportunities, and for many that search will probably send them online, we can also assume that unfortunately for many, they will then start a daunting process of sifting out the genuine offers, to the empty sales pages about how they can gain financial freedom in 6 weeks.!selling xyz. and whilst apparently they are becoming less and less effective, they are always going to be around.

In my view people are becoming smarter, wiser and less tempted by these ruthless strategies, however the audience looking to earn extra income online is growing, and surely as marketers and individuals we have an obligation and should strive to provide more transparency, less hype and value for money when promoting our or other peoples products or services.

Or am I just naive?







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