How hard is it to write a book

Is it easy to write a book?

Well in my opinion it depends.

Not whether or not you are a good writer, but more about whether or not you know your subject !

When you know your subject, it makes writing one hundred times easier and authentic.

You shouldn't attempt to write a book based on regurgitated content online.

Make it unique in every way. Make it Yours and with a little practice your writing voice will develop.

I wrote my first book about three months ago to test the self publishing platform.

I never intended to publish it, I needed to test the self publishing platform Createspace to see if they would be suitable for my future books.

I am now writing my second book which I will again publish with createspace and market online, confidently!

my first attempt was just for fun, an experiment if you like…about an exaggerated version of myself (serial frustrated entrepreneur) and the book cover created by my teenage son who had ten minutes to spare.!


Since then however I have discovered where I can get professional book covers for very little money.

If you have never wrote a book before, it can be difficult to know where to start, but from what I have learnt so far about writing short books and from observing what is currently happening online ie the need for unique, authentic and diverse content.

this is what I suggest,

Do not be put off by the online competition from expert authors / writers. There are thousands! very good ones too.

If there is one thing we should all realize it is that this industry now caters for all authors, experts, amateurs and not forgetting the ones inbetween!

There is no room for snobbery with self publishing, each to their own and the truth is many amateur authors are embracing self publishing platforms and making a decent living doing so.

Do not focus too much wondering whether or not your book will sell, instead focus more on writing a book about a subject you know about. Enjoy the journey and accept you need to start somewhere. Write like you talk if that helps, even consider an audio book!

Know your subject, remember you will be spending time marketing your book online, knowing your subject is crucial.

Spend a little time researching your competition online and if need be try to set yourself apart from your competition in one way or another, explain why your book is different from everyone else's if there is strong competition.

Plan your book, else it could prove to be a difficult read. Again there are plenty of articles online to help you with this.

And finally don't strive for perfection, because you won't achieve this first time round, people love honesty so if it helps explain at the end of your book this was your first attempt at writing a book, whether thats an ebook print or audio. Remember diverse unique content sells, so make it unique, different from the rest!

Good luck go for it but make sure you know your subject!…and remember if you are an amateur author like me..don't worry, just do it and enjoy the writing.

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