what makes a great book

Have you ever stopped to wonder what makes a great book.

I have,

not necessarily because I read a lot of books, I don't

….. I read lots online, however I don't tend to be one of those book worms who always has a book on the go, unless maybe it is a nonfiction book which has really grabbed my attention, and would be relevant to me or what I am doing, ideally a quick read with high impact.

I like many get most of my reading satisfaction from great posts online,  interesting blogs with varied subject matter…

and yes I have my favorite blogs like we all do, we all look forward to receiving latest blog posts from our favorite bloggers don't we.

They are reliable, consistent and always seem to produce quality content which is relevant to us.

They over deliver and they are very relevant to our business or topic of interest.

They are true pro's in their niche or industry and have a huge amount of followers.

Social media is the same, twitter for example, we all have  favorite twitter follows, those who produce really great tweets which are very relevant to us, you could say they are the creme de la creme.

Again they are reliable, consistent and dedicated in providing quality  info for their followers.

That is not to say however, we don't appreciate the others users we follow, we do.

Even if you don't do social networking it is similar to the offline world, we may have plenty of acquaintances or contacts, but perhaps only a handful of those have a direct  impact on our everyday lives offline.

All of us have different surfing habits online it depends what we are trying to achieve but for many, we know that feeling when we read a post or article and get straight down to sharing it online, leaving feedback, comment on etc.

These posts are memorable and can be relevant for a long time, and naturally we want to share them, they also get a lot of response, re-tweets, shares or +1 s etc.


I want to talk about a great book I have read which is memorable to me, it has created a lot of talk online.

It was one of those “gotta get this book” moments. It suited me because it was not a long read, and it had a huge amount of good reviews.

How great was it?

Well  he sold over one million copies so I will leave you to conclude.

This book was almost like a very long blog post.

Now that may not appeal to you but don't forget it's not always quantity…it's quality.

I read it in approx two hours…without stopping. (that kind of book you just can't put down)

I will talk more about it in a moment, but before that  I just want to touch on the subject about opportunities changing online.

When you work online day in day out it is easy to spot trends happening, you may not spot them daily or even weekly but perhaps over a few months you know something is changing, whether that be social media habits, selling techniques, customers needs etc etc.

you read about what is happening, you hear about what is going on, you listen and observe, and perhaps over a period of about two months it becomes very apparent to you things are changing.

Then one day,the penny drops! you have actually been watching this trend.

What people wanted perhaps two months ago they no longer need.

What worked  three months ago no longer works,

you also notice that others have observed this online too…they are talking about it.

To me it's like a eureka moment

two of my recent eureka moments.

Social Media…

now to some I maybe slow in realizing this! but it takes all sorts doesn't it. What is important is that the penny has dropped and I plan on doing something about it.

Its a bit of a duh moment!

Most of my visits to my sites are via organic SEO

You could say like many small businesses perhaps I was a late developer on the social media scene

Now I plan to change that because it is so relevant today, apparentlyI need to start engaging more!!.

KLOUT have told me I an observer! (cringe!)

Who is KLOUT?

they  judge your social media KLOUT power!, how influential you are etc..you can compare with others.

Now if you do sign up thats great but don't take it too seriously but I think it is a handy tool…and will become increasingly popular with how social media is evolving.

KLOUT indicates I have little influence in the social scene..they tell me I am an observer….the truth is I need to get out there more LOL… . no I am not the shouty type. I do observe, but It needs to be highly relevant to me…something I strive for, but KLOUT see that I fail to speak up!

A great post about shouting online and link klout below.

So that is it, from now on I will be not only spending time on SEO (optimizing my sites organically) but also engaging more via social media  because putting KLOUT results aside, it is obvious it plays a huge part in getting visitors to my sites, posts or whatever.

Secondly my other Eureka moment

Something that understandably has become extremely popular.

Self publishing .

Now going back a while I observed online about self publishing platforms. It was exciting..not only for frustrated authors who had struggled in the past but it was also exciting for newbies like me who could only dream of writing a book.

The fact is many newbie authors are becoming very successful online, almost overnight.

Platforms such as Createspace and lulu have really helped to level the playing field.

I don't know about you but I just love equal opportunities, and this is in my book a big big equal opportunity.

I couldn't wait to start but before I did, I bought John Lockes book, (how I sold one million ebooks in five months) to help point me in the write direction.

This book was seriously inspirational and a book I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to know how to sell and promote their ebook.

If you are a fast reader like myself you can complete the book in a few hours, but be prepared for some serious tips in promoting your book.

Is it expensive?

no way, see for yourself. (this is part of his overall strategy!)

This book has so much impact, he even talks about this in the book about how he could have created a bigger read but with less impact. I totally got what he was saying.

Why use a thousand words when twenty will do.

This book is now available in print, but can also be downloaded via ebook, and kindle.

In my opinion it is a great book! very informative and a must for anyone choosing the self publishing route.


If you are looking for a self publishing platform I would highly recommend Createspace (subsidery company of Amazon)

It can require a little technical knowledge but persist and you will eventually get the book cleared for review.

I would highly recommend investing in a quality book cover but I noticed over at fiverr.com there are many offering this for a fiverr. Just make sure they produce it in the correct format.

Good Luck if you decide to pursue self publishing, seriously it is very exciting times for book writing, and don't forget to add me to your circles or join me on twitter because I need more KLOUT!!!


Great post from PPG about shouting online (are you an echo) 

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