Tesco solution to problem in korea

For those of us who have been thinking of innovative ways to use qrcodes, this is a must read!

I love innovative ideas and I have always believed in the innovative ways qrcodes can be used for mobile marketing.

I myself have created some clothing over at zazzle using QRCode designs.


Tesco however have really boxed clever by overcoming a problem they had in Korea.

I found this article via a recent tweet from Txtlocal, Click here to read the full story of how Tesco are now using qrcodes.

I guess this really demonstrates that with the combination of new innovative technology and a creative attitude towards marketing many problems can be overcome.

Personally I think its a great idea as I embrace technology and embrace the way our lives and habits are changing.

Qr codes are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, I myself have seen them popping up on cooking programs, as well as seeing them on various consumer products, and with the ever increasing sales of smartphones they will no doubt become more popular and recognized as time goes by.




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