Blogging for blogging sake

Do you blog for blogging sake?

I used to, and still do at times!

I don't know about you but I was always under the impression the more you blog the more visitors, the more sales, the more presence etc etc.

Eventually though, you finally realize that all this hard work which involves lots of time and effort doesn't always pay off.

That is what happened to me, it still does because at times it is easy to forget that each blog post should serve a purpose!

Recently I have decided to check out Amazons self publishing platform. This is something I am in the process of learning.

One day not so long back, something caught my eye. I read of someone who had sold his millionth book with Amazon.

How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months

My immediate thought was, not another book I will be tempted to buy! but then I found out that this chap. John Locke was selling his book and revealing the very same process it took for him to achieve that, all for the price of a coffee!(kindle version)

That wasn't so bad, in fact at first I thought there must be some catch, like there usually are with claims like that!

However amazingly this was not the case! I bought the kindle version via my android. I read the book from start to finish in about three hours! (it is not that long but has incredible value) I like books like that, because I don't like reading for reading sake!. I like to know that what I am reading will have an impact in least time possible.

Anyway like I said I read the ebook! and loved it.

Why ?

Because as an internet marketer I blog. I blog lots on a few different sites of mine. It is part of what I do.

But I had forgotten a crucial rule in blogging.

This book I bought, I had bought with the intention of helping me to self publish my books one day. This book certainly helped me and that is what I intend to do, however it also taught me something huge as an internet marketer.

In Johns book he reminded me and taught me some huge lessons with marketing and blogging in general. He reminded me that blogging for blogging sake is not effective and further more not necessary.

I guess my message is this.

Even if you have no intention whatsoever, now or in the future to publish your own book, this book is incredibly useful for the average internet marketer (of which there are many !)

He talks about how one blog post of his had massive results.

This snippet of information alone was worth ten times what I had paid for the book.

Miss that next coffee and BUY THIS BOOK. seriously, you won't regret it.


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