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Creating blogs is sooo addictive. My latest site is about my journey to publish my own book, the site was originally going to be about poetry blogging but as per usual I had a change of plan!

Self publishing is very very relevant today and the publishing world had changed rapidly (apparently).

This has created incredible opportunities for very ordinary people to publish their own book. Whether that format be Audio, print or electronic.

Kindle self publishing have really helped to level the playing field for frustrated wannabe authors. (my latest zazzle design!)

The truth is everyone has a book in them! and us very ordinary people with limited writing skills have some incredibly exciting very ordinary stories to tell don't we?.

We may not be famous and may not be proper authors, but many of us still have an ordinary story worthy of writing and selling!

I am sure there are many platforms out there now to help self publishing authors. I myself have been focusing on Amazon.

Not only are they a site we have learnt to love and trust , they are also a great platform to help market your book.

Everything under one roof!

Even if self publishing is not for you, you will maybe find something that is as you can also create your own CD's and DVD's.

Talk about opportunities for us very ordinary people!

Read about how John Locke sold 1 million books via amazon in just five months, I have read his book and believe me, there are some very powerful messages in there. Many are questioning why he is offering this book for sale at the same price of a cup of coffee, after all he reveals to the reader what it took him years to learn, as well as spending a huge amount of money.

He comes across to me as a no nonsense sort of chap who strives to deliver quality and relevance to his readers, certainly not someone who writes for writing sake. The book is not a long read but don't let that deter you from buying it because what he writes about has impact and could quite easily reflect whether or not your book becomes successful should you choose to go down the self publishing route.



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