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Isn't it amazing how times have changed, I remember not so long ago spending huge amounts of time and money have products created for me, in fact it seems like only yesterday. Boxes, bags, pens, t shirts etc etc. I was always creating innovative designs for typical merchandise products. However, the truth was, not only would I need to find a cheap supplier for the products, I would then need to sort out printing and artwork for my products.

Quality and design was paramount, I knew exactly what I wanted but the truth was this was easier said than done back then.

Do I source local and accept I will not get the cheapest price, or do I ship from a Chinese manufacturer for the best price, do I get a local printer to print the goods separately, or do I get them printed in china too, as we all know the Internet has helped considerably for frustrated ” want to get a product to market” people like myself, and here is a small example…..

Now going back some years, remember when Jute Bags were all the craze?

I decided to create a variety of new jute bag designs. I envisaged huge pet stores stocking them.

They were are a range of bags created for pets.

Presents for perfect pets

A present for the perfect pooch

Now fortunately for me I found a superb supplier right on my doorstep in the UK and better still a very good price for the quantity I needed.

They were, and still are called JUTEXPO.

They supplied many leading supermarkets with their range of shopping jute bags, but they also supply smaller shops.

I think they back then and possibly still do dominate the UK in supplying quality Jute Bags.

a present for the perfect guinea pig

The company was so approachable, although I was a one man band they still appreciated what my plans were are were eager to help in anyway they could. The quality of the Jute was superb and they had a wizz kid of a designer to help design my bags.

a present for the perfect pussycat

Although I still had to rely on shipping from the far east, I had peace of mind that the end product would be quality and plenty of room for profit, I also felt assured everything was being handled by a reputable ethical supplier.

a present for the perfect bunny

However, compared to today it was still a long slow process, it still involved a lot of work and I still had a huge amount of marketing to deal with, back then I thought it would be easy! I assumed I would be ordering container loads!. (read my full story if you like)

Nowadays it is different. so much easier! and so much quicker.

Nowadays, having learned a lot more about online marketing I tend to promote products of others, however that is not to say I don't occasionally feel creative myself and like the idea of designing my own products.

ZAZZLE to the rescue!

I no longer have to try to convince buyers my product or design is the best thing since sliced bread and is worthy of “shipped container loads!” and I no longer have to deal with storing my new products which I struggled to sell in large quantities.

Today, I let the customer decide if they like my design, not the buyer.

Today I no longer have to worry about stock.

I no longer have to do this because I have found a way round it.


All I need to do is design them, then get paid.

Simple. I don't do anything else but upload my design via my computer and wait for the commissions to come in.

Yes I promote them online, but other people help to promote them too. I have designed a range of qr code hoodies which are a very hot topic at the moment.

Visit my shop now as I have recently created a few products which I personally love.

If you like me crave to design your own products why not try it yourself.


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