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Is Email Effective all the time?

Not sure about you, but personally speaking at times I wonder whether or not email is as effective as what we think.

Now don't get me wrong, it certainly is fast, cheap and very reliable, but I for one know that quite often it's not particularly effective.

Opening rates for email have rapidly declined. How many of us if we're honest admit to opening every single email in our inbox.

If you are like me, you look at the sender, check out the subject , then decide then and there whether or not you need to open it.

Well that got me thinking the other day, and this is my true and honest story.

Another Example of how email marketing is no longer effective

Last week as many of us know, many schools were on strike, and unfortunately that applied to one of my sons school.

He has reached an age where he desperately wants his first part time job, He was willing to try anything, I had agreed with him that we would spend the day looking around for something suitable.

Now normally, doing the work I do I would have suggested we both reach for our laptops and start our search online.

However, this time I decided against this.

Taking into consideration how I personally respond to emails, albeit not from potential employees, I suggested a different approach.

He smartened himself up and we both jumped into the car.

We headed off towards some nearby golf clubs as he really liked the idea of earning some money with possibly a few perks after work playing a few rounds of golf which he loves.

We visited the hotel and asked to speak to the manager. Fortunately for us we had arrived early and caught him before his day became too busy.

During our discussion I explained to him why we had visited him instead of responding via email. I discussed with him that I worked online and could only imagine how employers respond to  job enquiries via email. I was intrigued to hear his response.

How not to get a job……

“Every day I receive email after email from people asking about job opportunities, both part time and full time.” was his reply.

He continued to add that he could not understand this. He appreciated that emails have good use, but he was fed up with receiving emails day in day from people who expected replies. Particularly taking into consideration the competition for jobs today. I could tell he was a real people person. Very chatty and very suited to his job within the hospitality industry.

He was very impressed with my sons attitude, willingness and commitment to actually turn up unannounced with a chance of talking to somebody. He stood out from the crowd simply because he didn't contact him via email.

Had he of emailed instead, the probability is that it would have been deleted.

Did he get a job?

Yes of course.

Next time you think about sending you resume via email. Will it get opened?

This really does demonstrate that sometimes, email is not always appropriate or as effective as it seems.

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