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Self Publishing For Ordinary People

  Creating blogs is sooo addictive. My latest site is about my journey to publish my own book, the site was originally going to be about poetry blogging but as per usual I had a change of plan! Self publishing is very very relevant today and the publishing world had changed rapidly … [Read more...]

Do Google Like me?

I stopped worrying too much about what people think of me many years ago, but a few months back I had some concerns. I knew I wouldn't be spending much time on my sites but had real concerns how this could effect my site statistics. I had a steady stream of visitors to my blog most of which arrived … [Read more...]

easy product creation

Isn't it amazing how times have changed, I remember not so long ago spending huge amounts of time and money have products created for me, in fact it seems like only yesterday. Boxes, bags, pens, t shirts etc etc. I was always creating innovative designs for typical merchandise products. However, the … [Read more...]

when not to use email

Is Email Effective all the time? Not sure about you, but personally speaking at times I wonder whether or not email is as effective as what we think. Now don't get me wrong, it certainly is fast, cheap and very reliable, but I for one know that quite often it's not particularly … [Read more...]

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