What is a poorly parcel

In the next few weeks I will be revealing alot about the products I (years ago) had made and designed for me with the intention to sell to shops nationwide.

Remember these products are completely unique but unfortunately I failed to get them to market successfully!

I am in a revealing honest mood! and now “less attached!” to these products!

However years later I am still  interested what peoples thoughts are on my innovative products and ideas! after all I did back then put a lot of time and effort in creating them.

So please I would appreciate any comments.good or bad!

I will start with product one – The Poorly Parcel

What is a poorly parcel?

Well basically going back some years I created The Poorly Parcel with the intention that it would be an innovative gift idea for people who were unwell/poorly. The basic concept was a fun designed cardboard box which you could fill with gifts for someone ill.

Effectively a Get well soon gift!

The idea came to me when my daughter was ill.

I told her the postman may bring her a Poorly Parcel! “what is a Poorly Parcel” she said.

Without her knowing I went off and got a spare box which I filled up with items such as pens, colouring pads, bubble bath, a magazine, toothbrush, tissues etc etc.

I addressed the parcel to her and knocked on the front door.

I told her a special delivery had arrived, when she opened the door she could see the postman (me) had delivered her a Poorly Parcel (addressed to her).

Wow, she was so excited!

Of course she still had her nasty cold, but it certainly cheered her up!

Anyway that was many years ago, but shortly after that day I had some lovely boxes made for me (from china!!!) with a fun design on them and the Poorly Parcel logo (and trade mark!) all over it.

I even sourced hundreds of products suitable to fill the parcel with but my intention was to have individual fun branded items too. (disposable toothbrush, branded nurse doll, soaps, puzzle books, etc)

I envisaged Poorly Parcels at every bedside in every hospital.

I had door hangers made which said, “feeling better” or “still feeling poorly”

I envisaged every parent wanting a Poorly Parcel in their bottom drawer for emergencies!.

I contacted buyers at WRVS  hospital shops who told me that due to health and safety they could not stock them due to the contents inside.

I contacted  them shortly after and told them I would supply these boxes empty! which would make them suitable for every age group and gender.

I explained the benefits of this ie: if people bought a Poorly Parcel they would then have to purchase products (from the WRVS shop) to fill the parcel, therefore increasing sales for them.

No , they were not interested. (grrr)

I paid for a website which back then I imagined was the answer ! .

I thought I could sell thousands online! but It wasn't until later on I realized this simply would not happen.

I was given a website which was not suitable to do that.

It was a complete and utter rip off website and served no purpose to what I was trying to achieve!. They clearly new my intentions but not once did they ever discuss issues such as SEO.

They provided no search engine optimization whatsoever. In fact the truth is back then I assumed my website would be found without any! Talk about naive! I assumed orders would just come!

Every little change, every spelling mistake (they made) they would charge me to correct.

It was so frustrating that I had no control over my website! (if only I knew how!)

This is why today I actively promote wordpress and would encourage every small business owner to manage their own site.

Not only is it expensive if you don't , but it is extremely frustrating too.

What happened to The Poorly Parcel?


Nothing!, I still have thousands of them, still unsealed from china!

One day when I have more time on my hands I may possibly get round to marketing them properly!

The truth is that The Poorly Parcel is just one of many of my products! (cringe at some!)

I am a lot more wiser today as far as aligning products to customers (online!) I am also wiser to peoples needs. I have also learnt about “over niching”!!!. which most of my products were.

I do not miss the days of arranging appointments with buyers, shop owners and decision makers (who are never available!)

And I do not miss the days I sourcing cheap manufacturers at trade fairs!

I prefer nowadays to go directly to my customers!

Online! or at local carboot sales. (where I tell my story..lol)

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