New Biscuit Idea – The Apprentice

Recently I Set up a category called “another crazy idea”

The reason for doing this was simply a way to vent and discuss creative ideas.

I thought about setting up a separate blog but I have enough to maintain.

Having spent previous years trying to get my own products to market (unsuccessfully) I still feel the need to talk about new creative ideas. I can't help it !  it is part of who I am, and that will not change.

You see I don't know about you, but I personally think we are all frustrated entrepreneurs who dream of one day creating that product or brand which could be the next big thing.

This is why programs like The Apprentice are so popular!….It really is a family program, even children love it, and it would be great if there were more of them to help inspire future generations.

However maybe it would be a good idea to see a version of the apprentice which involved candidates from maybe less privileged backgrounds, this would add a new dimension.  Still People with raw talent but perhaps candidates with less finesse.

That would be entertainment! don't you think?


Everyone has their own opinions on what makes someone successful, which products would sell, how best to market them, etc.

For the vast majority of us however, “creating the next big thing” never actually happens, but it sure is fun thinking up ideas isn't it! especially if you are naturally creative and have a naturally innovative mind.(which many of us do)

This is an opportunity to VENT your Unique ideas!, talk about your latest product idea.

If you feel the need for “non disclosure agreements”!!!! please do not comment as it is just for fun and not to be taken too seriously!… If you believe you have the “next big idea” and see yourself as the next Alexander Bell then pop over to the Patent office!

If on the other hand you, (like me) feel the need occasionally to vent your ideas (no matter how silly they seem! )talk about them!

Nowadays I don't take myself so seriously !. I don't mind criticism, after all, looking back over the years I must have been so naive as some of my ideas were ludicrous!. I no longer create my own products! (been there done that didn't work) I still however have a huge collection of remnants of products I had made for me over the years!, they are not so much inventions! but they are products I had made. I now have a lifetime of christmas presents and gifts (which I will talk about another time!)

I will kick start this new topic by talking about last nights Apprentice.

Apparently next week the candidates need to create a new biscuit brand!. Apparently the biscuit market is huge.

I'm sure we can all believe this, I myself spend far too long in the biscuit aisle in my local Tesco store!. (longer than the fruit and veg counter!) honestly I really do have better things to do, but biscuits are important for us coffee lovers, especially for us marketers who spend much of our time sat at a desk day in day out!

[stextbox id=”grey”]

Here goes…My new biscuit idea.

The biscuits will be called something like…

Riski Biski or triki bikis. They will be about 1.5 inches long x 1 inch wide.

They will be shaped like a tea cup / coffee mug.

They will need to be a rigid biscuit! (and suitable for dunking).

Basically with the handle you dip the biscuit into your coffee and scoop some coffee into the biscuit cup then pop into your mouth.


I would buy them so if anyone wants to make some let me know!

what do you think?.

let me know your biscuit idea!


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