Mobile Marketing Income opportunity

Are you looking for a future proof, genuine new income opportunity?

Promote Yeptext to local businesses in your area and get paid for life !.

If you sign up and learn mobile marketing yourself you could even manage the mobile marketing campaigns for the business owners themselves, as well as getting commission on signing them up for the service.

This really is a great genuine income opportunity for anyone looking to start perhaps a new career mobile marketing or simply looking for extra cash, whether that be signing up to the service to become a mobile marketer or…

just simply promoting the service to others. (acting as an affiliate)

If you decide to learn mobile marketing and become a mobile marketer for local businesses in your area, business owners will soon see for themselves how effective text message marketing can be, and if you look after them and do your job right you could have a very lucrative  long term client base.

Mobile marketing campaigns are easy enough to manage but will require careful consideration to what your message is trying to achieve. If you get this right then you will become your clients new best friend.

If  on the other hand however you just decide to become an affiliate for Yeptext then you can promote the service to others from your link via your website or social network sites or twitter and again get paid for anyone who signs up through your link. (yet another source of income)

Yeptext has become extremely popular, it is very user friendly and easy to understand.

I was personally introduced to it via local mobile monopoly (which I highly recommend) should you wish to learn about mobile marketing.)

Local Mobile Monopoly recommends you use Yeptext if you are in the U.S or Canada, You can still use parts of Yeptext but restrictions apply, so being in the UK  I opted for Text Magic!

Text Magic are very very good!!, obviously there are no restrictions so I can use all of their products and services.

They are extremely well priced and again offer a fabulous attractive reseller program which they have just introduced.

Text Magics reseller program offers a vast amount of handy tools to help individuals with their campaigns, admittedly I am still familiarizing myself with these, from what I have seen I am very impressed.

They provide live chat and even assign you a direct contact manager should you have any problems.

From what I have seen so far they have thought of everything and I am sure I will soon become very familiar with all they have to offer.

You really need to see for yourself so why not get your affiliate link now and start promoting something which has become extremely popular.

see for yourself just how good these service providers are and how much you could really earn from becoming a reseller!


(U.S and Canada)



(NEW Last Week!!!)

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