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I love watching these videos from webmarketing today. They are so informative and can really help put marketing into perspective.

Here I have found one which if you are a small business owner could really help.

It basically outlines how getting your website mobile friendly could really help in the future. We all know mobile surfing is now huge and with location based services on the increase you could be really missing out if your existing website is not mobile friendly. It does not mean you necessarily need to start all over, if you are running your website using wordpress, a simple plugin can strip your site down to become mobile friendly. This is what I do using the wp touch plugin.

If you are a business owner why not ask your existing web designer about getting your existing site mobile friendly.


As they say in the video, the vast majority of people using mobile websites will be searching for information which is perhaps time dependent ie: the best local restaurant, lunchtime offers,the local hardware store, or a local service provider, they will not necessarily be spending a long time on your site so a simple mobile website with information about directions, opening times, current offers etc could be all that is required to help get those customers through your door.

If you are still not convinced about the future of mobile and how it could affect your local business in the future please check out the following related articles about how location based services could also effect local businesses.

Local marketing methods are without doubt changing dramatically, even ebay  have invested in buying the location based service and ad network “where”. All the major brands themselves are recognizing there is a huge opportunity today and in the future to reach more buyers via local channels, and fortunately this is something equally available for small local business owners.

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